February 6, 2023

Our Services

Top Features

1Financials: We focus on ensuring that your financials are clear, concise and an up to date record of your business.

2Operations: Our professionals have deep business knowledge, and understand how to practical apply this to your business operations.

3Training: Training your employees to use new finance software packages can be time consuming. We have the expertize to train individuals and large groups.

JKS Business Services

Below is a list of the core services that we provide.

  • Book Keeping:
    Keeping your company books can be a time consuming hassle, we can lift that weight off your shoulders quickly and effectively.
  • Cost Control:
    When you are running your business, making sales, selling products and services, but the profits aren’t what you expecting, it can often be hard to identify where your costs are too high. We can help you ensure your business is running efficiently.
  • Computer Training
    Computer software can improve productivity for your company, but understanding how to get the best from your software can often be an art form. We have the expertize to quickly train you on both what you need to know, but also importantly what you can ignore, what is not important, and what you shouldn’t waste your time on.
  • Invoicing
    Invoicing your clients takes time, we can help you invoice your clients in a timely manner, getting the funds you need promptly : daily, weekly; monthly,
  • Financial Reporting
    Regular financial reporting is key to making the daily decisions that management make. We can help ensure that you have a process in place to quickly report on your current financial state.
  • Financial Services
  • Operational Services
    Operations.Running the Organization.