February 6, 2023


Upcoming QuickBooks Classes

Take your QuickBooks knowledge to the next level and learn to work smarter and not harder! Join Judy to learn the tips and techniques to maximize your efficiency with QuickBooks.

Intermediate Classes Available – Click here to register and for event details

Advanced Classes Available – Click here to register and for event details


The Elite Business Achievement Series

The Business Building Blocks Series is designed to assist the entrepreneur from start to finish
in building the foundation of their business.

Elements of Building Your Business Foundation

Do you have the next million dollar idea?
Will you be the next household name?
Have you started a business and haven’t achieved the results you wanted?

This program shows you brick by brick how to take your million dollar idea from concept to your bank account.

Learn how to:

• Cultivate your idea.
• Determine your market
• Understand your finances.
• Conquer your fears.


Fundamentals of Business Success

This is the next brick to build upon your business.

Are you ready to shift from being self employed to being a business owner?
Do you want to learn how to work on your business, not in your business?

Learn how to:

• Set your goals.
• Understand how to achieve the revenue you want.
• Establish your brand.
• Build your marketplace.


Strategies for Business Development

This program is the last brick to take you to the highest level of business ownership.

Wondering how to go from being an entrepreneur to being the head of a conglomerate?
Want to be among the elite in business?

Learn how to:
• Utilize the peaks and valleys for long-term success.
• Master leadership skills.
• Powerful negotiation skills.
• Build your wealth.